Club Layouts

Doncaster & District Model Railway Club

Northport Church Street

  • Gauge:    OO
  • Control:   DCC or Analogue
  • Era:        1960's
  • Size:       8m x 5m
  • Type:      Roundy
  • Currently under construction

Roughly based on Southport Chapel Street station, this ficticious urban track plan has a high level central terminus station and substantial goods yards.

The layout is being built by several of our club members and it is hoped, when completed, we will be able to take it to various exhibitions.


  • Gauge:    OO - Tramway
  • Control:   Analogue with live overhead wires
  • Era:         Late 1970's
  • Size:        9m x 0.6m
  • Type:       End-to-end
  • Currently under construction

The layout depicts a section Blackpool Promenade in the late 1970's, viewed from the sea.

Work has been ongoing on the layout for over 5 years, but it is now starting to come together. The overhead wire system has taken a lot of time in its development to ensure a scale, robust, tensioned wire which can be assembled/disassembled to suit a portable exhibition layout.

Adlington Bay

  • Gauge:    OO
  • Control:   Analogue
  • Era:         1920's
  • Size:        26' x 2'
  • Type:       End-to-end

The layout depicts a small seaside station and can be set up as fiddle yard to fiddle yard or Terminus to fiddle yard

Dainsborough Lane

  • Gauge:    OO
  • Control:   DCC
  • Era:        1970's / 1990's
  • Size:       7m x 0.6m
  • Type:      End-to-end
  • Currently under construction

Inspired by the rolling stock owned by three members of the club, this is a ficticious urban layout set in the West Yorkshire area and will be run as either 1970's (blue diesel) or 1990's era.

It features predominantly scratch built buildings and working light signals.

  • Gauge:    O
  • Control:   DCC
  • Era:         n/a
  • Size:        15m x 10m
  • Type:       Roundy
  • Currently under construction

Several of our members with interest in O gauge modelling are presently constructing a running track around the perimeter of one of our club rooms.

This uses a combination of proprietery Peco & Atlas track and hand built points and will allow members to test run their O gauge stock, including scale-length trains.

O Gauge Running Track

Odds End

  • Gauge:    OO
  • Control:   Analogue
  • Era:         Various
  • Size:        20' x 2'
  • Type:       Terminus to fiddle yard

The layout was developed as a learning excercise for new members to gain experience with building an exhibition layout. It is 'age neutral' so can be operated in almost any period, but usually BR steam/green diesel.


  • Gauge:    TT
  • Control:   Analogue
  • Size:        12' x 8'

The layout uses mainly tri-ang locos and stock with peco track.

It hasn't been aired for a while (!!) but would provide something a bit different and make a good talking point for your exhibition...........

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